Reasons Why People Love Fantasy Movies

Fantasy movies are fictional adventure stories usually set up in an imagined supernatural world. Most of the time, the movies feature mythical characters who have magical powers. The characters are often involved in a challenging journey whose ending is unforeseeable. Fantasy movies appeal to many audiences for several reasons that include the following.

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They Provide an Escape from Reality

Once in a while, everyone has the urge to escape from reality for one reason or another. The hustles and bustles of life can leave one so drained that the only thing they want is to imagine they are on another planet or belong in another dimension. The fantasy takes one to a world where the only impending doom is an invasion from some space, sea, or land creature and not a target that one failed to hit in the office. One gets so absorbed in the challenges the movie characters go through that they temporarily forget their own.

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They Contain Magic

Most people adore magic, maybe because we like to imagine that the solutions to our problems can be found so easily. Magic, just like games for 6 year olds, brings out the innocence in us. For a moment, we feel as though we are children again; the simple act of appearing and disappearing excites us. Also, we are attracted to things that cannot be explained, so we don’t have to stress thinking about their origin or how they work. All these aspects of magic make fantasy movies more appealing.

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They Revive Our Hopeful Nature

We live in a world where perfection is praised, and any kind of mistake is highly criticized and even punished. Fantasy leads us to believe that no one is perfect; even when we are best prepared and well-equipped (for example, by having magical powers), we can still make mistakes. The good thing is that we don’t let mistakes break us, and just as in the fantasies, no matter how short we feel (dwarfed), we can still beat the monsters. It gives us the courage to fight our way out and the resilience to keep at it till we make it.

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They Bring Out the Humanity in Us

Even though characters in fantasy movies operate in an unfamiliar realm, we can relate to their human emotions, their struggles, and their pain. Just like the characters, we all have our daily effort when dealing with our interactions with fellow humans. At one point, we had to sacrifice what we cherish most to save our loved ones. Watching the fantasy movie heroes helps us come to the point of self-awareness, and we learn to appreciate others more.

Fantasy movies are becoming popular these days. People fantasize from time to time about various aspects of life. The highlighted points are some reasons why they are becoming a world sensation.