Why Movies are Effective Educational Tools

The world has undoubtedly advanced in terms of technology, and the education industry has fully embraced these technological developments. To this effect, the traditional mode of teaching that involves books only is now a thing of the past. Today, teachers are exploring the need for movies as a teaching method. While there is still some adverse criticism in the use of film to pass on information in a classroom setting, an appropriate movie at a suitable time goes a long way in making teaching not only fun but also effective. Here’s why movies make practical educational tools.

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Generates Learners’ Interests

Books can sometimes be boring, and a learner can lose interest along the way. Movies help students to generate interest in knowing more about a topic or subject. When a learner watches a film that is connected to a particular subject, their concentration on it is enhanced. Students who are not avid readers prefer this kind of teaching.

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Improves Literacy Skills

Many movies today incorporate subtitles. A learner, who is not so good at spelling and pronunciation, can learn a lot from the films, thereby improving their literacy skills. Also, translation of novels into movies is a common trend nowadays, and this comes in handy when teaching literature. Films give a clearer picture of the genre, theme, and storyline of a novel, more than one would otherwise understand while merely reading the book. Additionally, one gets to relate more with the characters in the story as they can visualize them.

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Helps Students with Learning Difficulties

There are a lot of differences in learning abilities. Some students are fast learners, while others are not. A movie session provides a unique learning approach for slow learners as they can easily relate to a film. The same goes for learners with issues such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or Autism. Learning can be challenging for these categories of children as they quickly become distracted and cannot be attentive for long. When it comes to watching movies as a form of learning, the children find it interesting, unlike books. They might even watch the film to the end.

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Movies Provides Comprehensive, Relatable Lessons

Films depict characters from all walks of life. They incorporate social, economic, political, and environmental issues in society, thereby giving learners a variety of life experiences they may have never identified with. A film directed at a specific subject may contain other lessons that are relevant to everyday human interactions. Inspirational movies make learners realize that they live in a competitive world and that they should put more effort into their studies if they want to succeed.

Movies are a powerful educational tool that has significant benefits to the learners. It is therefore paramount that the education sector considers using it more often.

Reasons Why People Love Fantasy Movies

Fantasy movies are fictional adventure stories usually set up in an imagined supernatural world. Most of the time, the movies feature mythical characters who have magical powers. The characters are often involved in a challenging journey whose ending is unforeseeable. Fantasy movies appeal to many audiences for several reasons that include the following.

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They Provide an Escape from Reality

Once in a while, everyone has the urge to escape from reality for one reason or another. The hustles and bustles of life can leave one so drained that the only thing they want is to imagine they are on another planet or belong in another dimension. The fantasy takes one to a world where the only impending doom is an invasion from some space, sea, or land creature and not a target that one failed to hit in the office. One gets so absorbed in the challenges the movie characters go through that they temporarily forget their own.

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They Contain Magic

Most people adore magic, maybe because we like to imagine that the solutions to our problems can be found so easily. Magic, just like games for 6 year olds, brings out the innocence in us. For a moment, we feel as though we are children again; the simple act of appearing and disappearing excites us. Also, we are attracted to things that cannot be explained, so we don’t have to stress thinking about their origin or how they work. All these aspects of magic make fantasy movies more appealing.

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They Revive Our Hopeful Nature

We live in a world where perfection is praised, and any kind of mistake is highly criticized and even punished. Fantasy leads us to believe that no one is perfect; even when we are best prepared and well-equipped (for example, by having magical powers), we can still make mistakes. The good thing is that we don’t let mistakes break us, and just as in the fantasies, no matter how short we feel (dwarfed), we can still beat the monsters. It gives us the courage to fight our way out and the resilience to keep at it till we make it.

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They Bring Out the Humanity in Us

Even though characters in fantasy movies operate in an unfamiliar realm, we can relate to their human emotions, their struggles, and their pain. Just like the characters, we all have our daily effort when dealing with our interactions with fellow humans. At one point, we had to sacrifice what we cherish most to save our loved ones. Watching the fantasy movie heroes helps us come to the point of self-awareness, and we learn to appreciate others more.

Fantasy movies are becoming popular these days. People fantasize from time to time about various aspects of life. The highlighted points are some reasons why they are becoming a world sensation.

How Sci-Fi and Fantasy Movies Help Us Make Sense of the World

The future of humanity can undoubtedly be imagined through science fiction and fantasy. These kinds of movies give us an opportunity to speculate what the future holds and prepare us by providing ways to cope with all the anticipated changes. It is an innovative form of thinking that is the core of everything we have ever done. Here’s how science fiction and fantasy guides us to make sense of the world, current, and future.

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Climate Change

The world climate pattern is continually changing, and scientists have continuously warned of its consequences. Global warming is slowly becoming a reality with the destruction of forest cover and industrial emissions that damage the ozone layer. The UN has recently released a report of an impending catastrophe due to a change in the climate. While all this might be true, people may not take it seriously since they cannot imagine the magnitude of such change. This is where science fiction comes in handy. Movies that depict the real impact of the change are more effective in passing the message on. A film of a sinking city makes the imagined situation real as the horror is visible on the faces of the characters involved.

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Space Exploration

Science and fantasy films provide an escape from everyday problems to a place where we are not confined; that is, space. There are many myths and theories about space that have remained a mystery until a fiction film is produced to give us a rough idea of what to expect. We have heard that there is zero gravity in the moon, something that is hard to imagine until you see an astronaut in a sci-fi movie actually float in space! These films, therefore, offer a full understanding of space and time and show a future possibility when people can communicate from different dimensions. The exploration through such films eventually makes us appreciate the world we live in better.

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Development of Technology

Researchers have, over the last decades, recognized the role of sci-fi movies in enabling success in scientific innovations. The sci-fi movie, Wristwatch, has come true in what is now a smartphone or digital watch. Again, the movie fiction series dubbed Knight Rider, which featured a driverless car has now become a fact rather than fiction; today, a driverless car has been developed. Sci-fi films give motivation for human-computer collaboration encounters of this age. Researchers employ science fiction to know more about the interactions between humans and computers and also to learn about human body alterations. In this way, sci-fi movies are a significant component of technological development.

Science fiction and fantasy movies are modern-day classrooms, fun and educative at the same time. With the many benefits that come from watching such films, no one should be left out.

What Makes Pacific Rim So Interesting to Watch

Pacific Rim, a 2013 scientific monster fictional movie directed by Guillermo Del Toro, has undoubtedly received lots of praise worldwide for its remarkable special effects and creativity. It envisions a future when the world is at war with gigantic sea creatures who have been living at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. To fight the monsters, humans create robots known as Jaegers. The film is engaging and enjoyable at the same time. Here’s why you should watch Pacific Rim.

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Awesome Soundtrack

The exceptional composer, Ramin Djawadi, opens up the film with a powerful, exciting tone that gets you in the mood for an epic monster film. The soundtrack is composed of delightful guitar rhythms customized to suit the different themes of the movie. It is peaceful and pompous when it needs to be and has sufficient symphonic reverence for a kaiju film. The soundtrack, therefore, provides the perfect music that makes the film enjoyable.

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Special Effects

The producer fully utilized the skills of the Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) artists to create one of a kind Jaegers. The ILM special effects artists who are famous for their profound work in the Jurassic Park films, and Star Wars, among many successful movies, were responsible for creating the 250 foot (76.2m) tall robots. The frames of kaiju and Jaegers are carefully brought to life to provide the best action-packed scenes ever witnessed. The Jaegers have cockpits that are specially designed to fit the actors. That’s one other thing that sets this film apart; the actors are actually thrown around while inside the robots.


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While many blockbuster films borrow ideas from comic books, the Pacific Rim film was created from the producer’s extraordinary mind. Del Toro worked together with his screenwriter Travis Beacham to compose this impressive fictional film like no other. The film features an original, engaging epic story with different characters that save humanity from monsters. Watching the movie gives you a whole new perspective on science fiction.

Final Word

There you have it! If you were having doubts about whether to watch the movie, these tips will get you off the couch to your favorite movie store or cinema.