What Makes Pacific Rim So Interesting to Watch

Pacific Rim, a 2013 scientific monster fictional movie directed by Guillermo Del Toro, has undoubtedly received lots of praise worldwide for its remarkable special effects and creativity. It envisions a future when the world is at war with gigantic sea creatures who have been living at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. To fight the monsters, humans create robots known as Jaegers. The film is engaging and enjoyable at the same time. Here’s why you should watch Pacific Rim.

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Awesome Soundtrack

The exceptional composer, Ramin Djawadi, opens up the film with a powerful, exciting tone that gets you in the mood for an epic monster film. The soundtrack is composed of delightful guitar rhythms customized to suit the different themes of the movie. It is peaceful and pompous when it needs to be and has sufficient symphonic reverence for a kaiju film. The soundtrack, therefore, provides the perfect music that makes the film enjoyable.

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Special Effects

The producer fully utilized the skills of the Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) artists to create one of a kind Jaegers. The ILM special effects artists who are famous for their profound work in the Jurassic Park films, and Star Wars, among many successful movies, were responsible for creating the 250 foot (76.2m) tall robots. The frames of kaiju and Jaegers are carefully brought to life to provide the best action-packed scenes ever witnessed. The Jaegers have cockpits that are specially designed to fit the actors. That’s one other thing that sets this film apart; the actors are actually thrown around while inside the robots.


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While many blockbuster films borrow ideas from comic books, the Pacific Rim film was created from the producer’s extraordinary mind. Del Toro worked together with his screenwriter Travis Beacham to compose this impressive fictional film like no other. The film features an original, engaging epic story with different characters that save humanity from monsters. Watching the movie gives you a whole new perspective on science fiction.

Final Word

There you have it! If you were having doubts about whether to watch the movie, these tips will get you off the couch to your favorite movie store or cinema.