Why Movies are Effective Educational Tools

The world has undoubtedly advanced in terms of technology, and the education industry has fully embraced these technological developments. To this effect, the traditional mode of teaching that involves books only is now a thing of the past. Today, teachers are exploring the need for movies as a teaching method. While there is still some adverse criticism in the use of film to pass on information in a classroom setting, an appropriate movie at a suitable time goes a long way in making teaching not only fun but also effective. Here’s why movies make practical educational tools.

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Generates Learners’ Interests

Books can sometimes be boring, and a learner can lose interest along the way. Movies help students to generate interest in knowing more about a topic or subject. When a learner watches a film that is connected to a particular subject, their concentration on it is enhanced. Students who are not avid readers prefer this kind of teaching.

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Improves Literacy Skills

Many movies today incorporate subtitles. A learner, who is not so good at spelling and pronunciation, can learn a lot from the films, thereby improving their literacy skills. Also, translation of novels into movies is a common trend nowadays, and this comes in handy when teaching literature. Films give a clearer picture of the genre, theme, and storyline of a novel, more than one would otherwise understand while merely reading the book. Additionally, one gets to relate more with the characters in the story as they can visualize them.

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Helps Students with Learning Difficulties

There are a lot of differences in learning abilities. Some students are fast learners, while others are not. A movie session provides a unique learning approach for slow learners as they can easily relate to a film. The same goes for learners with issues such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or Autism. Learning can be challenging for these categories of children as they quickly become distracted and cannot be attentive for long. When it comes to watching movies as a form of learning, the children find it interesting, unlike books. They might even watch the film to the end.

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Movies Provides Comprehensive, Relatable Lessons

Films depict characters from all walks of life. They incorporate social, economic, political, and environmental issues in society, thereby giving learners a variety of life experiences they may have never identified with. A film directed at a specific subject may contain other lessons that are relevant to everyday human interactions. Inspirational movies make learners realize that they live in a competitive world and that they should put more effort into their studies if they want to succeed.

Movies are a powerful educational tool that has significant benefits to the learners. It is therefore paramount that the education sector considers using it more often.